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Frequently Asked Questions

About Wikker

The mobile application Wikker is a matchmaking service for musicians with a geolocation system.

Wikker allows you:
- to search and find a musician in accordance with its own competences.
- to start a band.
- to discuss and meet other musicians...
The application Wikker is free and without ads.

Wikker, how it works?

1/ You look for a musician in your area, thanks to a GPS system. You can refine your looking in accordance with some criteria: skills, styles, distance ...
2/ You send a wik to mark your interest by a musician profile.
3/ The musician receives your wik and accepts or refuses.
4/ If the wik is accepted, you can chat.

A wik, what is it?

A musician sends a wik to another musician. The latter can accept or reject the wik.
- If the wik is accepted, the two musicians can discuss
. - If the wik is denied, the musicians can no longer find each other on Wikker.

Why do we need your phone number?

If you forget your personal code, the phone number is required to send you the code by SMS

I lost my personal code

When registering, a personal 6-digit code is assigned to you. If you forget this code, you can send us an email via the contact form, specifying us your phone number (with area code). We will resend your code by SMS.

Where can I download Wikker?

Wikker is available on Google Play, to the following address:

And Wikker for iPhone?

For now, Wikker is only available on Android. We are working to make the application available for iOS as soon as possible.

I do not have many answers to my Wiks

You can identify the most reactive users with the green dot, indicating that they are likely to respond to you within the hour.

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